City of Chandler

City of Chandler
With strong population growth in the last decade, Chandler is an exciting place to live and work. It is known for high-tech industry and diversity.
  • Founded in 1912
  • Area of 70 square miles
  • Elevation 1,214 feet
  • Average rainfall 9.16 inches
The City of Chandler is bustling with community energy and festivals. From galleries and a public arts program, to libraries and the Chandler Center for the Arts, it is proud of its creativity and culture. The technology industry fosters innovation and invites a dynamic mix of people from all over the world to make Chandler home. In addition, the Chandler Municipal Airport offers a business hub and venue for flying enthusiasts. There are even classes and outlets to discover in the Kids Zone.

Chandler Market Stats by ZIP Code:     85224     85225     85226     85248     85249     85286


  • Cayley Manor
  • Circle G
  • Circle G at Ocotillo
  • Crown Point
  • Eden Estates
  • La Glorieta
  • Oakwood Hills
  • Ryan Estates
  • Stellar Airpark
  • Tierra Linda
  • Trovita
  • Vasaro
  • Whitewing at Krueger


We love so many restaurants, shops and venues in Chandler. Here are just a few of our top hot spots right now:


The City of Chandler is served by several school districts, noted below: For additional information on faith-based or charter schools, simple visit Chandler’s Educational Opportunities page.


Chandler always seems to have a fun gathering or special event drawing the community closer. Here are some of the notable activities for you, your family and friends:


The City of Chandler has a wealth of neighborhood and community parks dotting the entire community. Whether you want to take a swim, play basketball, fly a kite with the kids or sit under a tree, you can do it here. Access Chandler's Parks Guide for details.


The City of Chandler offers a variety of healthcare, activity and arts opportunities to enhance the well-being of you and your family. For a complete list, please visit the City A to Z services page.
1820 East Ray Road Chandler, Arizona 85225